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Directorate's Background
Directorate Background

The aim of the Directorate: Marketing is to develop, implement, and promote policies, programs and measures aimed at supporting equitable access to competitive and profitable agricultural markets on a sustainable basis. The Directorate comprises of the following Sub Directorates:

  • Commodity Marketing
  • Marketing Information and Capacity Building
  • Marketing Infrastructure and Agro logistics

The function of the Directorate Marketing is inter alia;

  • Administer trade measures and agreements;
  • Facilitate the growth of fair, open, efficient, and competitive domestic markets
  • Develop policies and strategies and implement programmes and measures to facilitate equitable domestic market access.
  • Liaise with relevant bodies - the marketing value chains.


The aim of the Sub-Directorate is to facilitate market linkages and flow of agricultural products between production and consumption points. The Sub-Directorate’s main function is primarily achieved through the following:

  • Development policies, norms and standards for the allocation of market access quotas
  • Manage, monitor and analyse utilization of market access quotas;
  • Develop models, facilitate implementation of strategies and mobilise resources to restructure agricultural marketing infrastructure; and
  • Facilitate partnerships to link producers and other value chain players to markets and marketing opportunities.


The Sub - Directorate: Commodity Marketing's main functions are to ensure increased market access for all market participants as well as promotion of efficient and competitive marketing of agricultural products. These legislative mandates as contained in the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 47 of 1996 would be achieved through the execution of the following functions:

  • Analysis of specific entry and participation barriers in the agricultural marketing value chain, report on the extent of participation and develop advice on policy changes to promote equitable participation.
  • Setting marketing norms, and standards and policies to effect a fair, efficient and competitive agricultural marketing environment and practices.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the behaviour of commodity and non - commodity markets with regard to variables such as price, demand and supplies, trade, etc and provide policy advice.
  • Developing and maintaining liaison forums with commodity groups, provincial departments of agriculture, farmer associations and other relevant stakeholders to deliberate on issues of agricultural marketing to enhance equitable participation.
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of derivative agricultural marketing strategies such as cooperative marketing, one- day markets, contract marketing, etc depending on the prevailing circumstances.
  • Establishing commodity profiles and commodity outlooks which will lead to reporting on the extent of participation in different marketing value chains and advice on policy change to promote equitable participation.
  • Identifying and outlining market access indicators by means of the Agri- BEE scorecard and monitoring performance of market access programmes, using established indicators.
  • Advice on tariff policy determination.


The Sub- Directorate Marketing Information and Capacity Building main functions are:

  • Develop and implement policies and strategies to address gaps and weaknesses on critical nodes of agricultural marketing value chains.
  • Provide agricultural marketing information through agricultural marketing information system (AMIS).
  • Facilitate capacity building and training in agricultural marketing
  • Analyze the available government market access support measures and design appropriate support packages to leverage market access needs.
  • Coordinate the establishment of National and Provincial Market Development Forums comprising key role-players to facilitate market development, growth and support.
For further information contact: Directorate Marketing
Telephone: (012) 319 8455
Fax: (012) 319 8131
Street Address: Sefala Building
503 Belvedere Street
Private Bag x 15
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