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The Directorate: Cooperatives and Enterprise Development (D: CED) The Directorate is mandated to facilitate and support the development of businesses to facilitate empowerment of SMME’s including cooperatives and transformation of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors.

OBJECTIVE OF CODAS (Cooperative Data Analysis System)
As an Information Management System for cooperatives in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector, CODAS has the following objectives:
  • To store, collate and analyse data in a more accessible format and ensure accuracy, reliability and currency of data,
  • To establish the actual status, performance and extent of existing cooperatives in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector,
  • To establish the growth trends of the cooperatives in the sector,
  • Perform comparisons in terms of the cooperative activities by province, district and local municipality,
  • Assist to facilitate planning and implementation of intervention strategies and programmes for cooperatives in the sector, and
  • Assist in compilation of annual reports on the status of cooperatives in the sector.
  The following are the functions of the directorate:
  • Develop policy, norms and standards for SMME development in the sector,
  • Develop strategies and programmes to support the development of SMME’s in the sector,
  • Coordinate government departmental and provincial policy inputs and programmes with regard to SMME’s in the sector,
  • Manage the implementation of SMME’s development policies, and
  • Encourage and facilitate entrepreneurial development in the sector.

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