Delegate list

Mr Trevor Abrahams
Secretary General, XIV World Forestry Congress 2015

Ms Tiina Vahanen
Associate Secretary-General, XIV World Forestry Congress 2015

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FAO’s Role

World Forestry Congresses have been held under the auspices of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) since the establishment of the Organisation in 1945.

FAO supports the Congresses by: 

  • selecting the host country;
  • being fully involved in the preparation of the Congress – although the main responsibility for organisation lies with the host government;
  • establishing an Advisory Committee of experts from around the world to consult on the theme of the Congress, the structuring of the Technical Programme, and on the identification of invited speakers and authors;
  • appointing an Associate Secretary-General to work with the Secretary-General from the host country to prepare for the Congress;
  • assigning staff to collaborate with the host country to deal with the technical programme, including preparation of events, review of the papers and the servicing of Congress sessions; and
  • assisting the host country to widely disseminate outcomes and facilitating any follow-up, including monitoring and reporting at the next Congress on the implementation of recommendations.

For more information, see the policy guidelines for the organisation of World Forestry Congresses, which were approved by the FAO Council at its 115th Session in November 1998.