Delegate list

Mr Trevor Abrahams
Secretary General, XIV World Forestry Congress 2015

Ms Tiina Vahanen
Associate Secretary-General, XIV World Forestry Congress 2015

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Sponsorship Information


By becoming a sponsor, your organisation can help make WFC2015 a success, and together we can create a memorable experience for all attendees. Through sponsorship of this unique event, your organisation will be promoted to more than 5,000 participants expected at the Congress, opening the door to new customers, collaborators, and supporters.

Reasons to become a sponsor

  • Sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity to promote your name, to support your brands and to maintain a high profile before, during and after the Congress.
  • Involvement in the Congress will enable you to associate your business with the global effort to ensure a sustainable planet, and to align your social responsibility programme with goals of environmental sustainability.
  • Congress participants are keen to improve their knowledge and contribution to global sustainability. Aligning your organisation with this influential and powerful educational experience demonstrates your commitment to assisting their development at a personal level.
  • Your representatives can mix informally with participants from around the world.
  • Your organisation’s involvement, commitment and support for WFC2015 will be widely acknowledged as outlined in this prospectus.
  • Your organisation will benefit significantly from exposure to a keenly interested, relevant and, above all, influential audience in an educational environment away from the competition of everyday distractions.
  • Sponsorship contributes to the promotion, planning and operation of the WFC2015, reducing the overall cost of managing and staging the event and enabling a higher level of participation by delegates from developing countries and under-represented sectors, including youth.


Should you wish to support the Congress in a way not detailed within the prospectus, please do not hesitate to contact the sponsorship manager Lisa Vickers on